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Liverpool 3 – Manchester United 1


It’s a red thing.

You know that Manchester United isn’t having a good day when all Reina has to do for 92 minutes is to run around his 6 yard box, covering his angles.

And pick up the ball, once at the 93rd minute, from the back of his net.

Liverpool played really well, in particular Suarez, and I fully agree to Andy Townshend comments of ‘Suarez showed more presence and hunger in 85 mins than the person he replaced did in 25 games this season.’

That person is Torres, but Torres who?

Okay, so despite the convincing right of boasting for Reds (Merseyside) all over the world, I thought I saw an unpleasant nature of the business, as Carragher lunged at Nani’s knee.

I’m pretty sure Carragher doesn’t have what it takes to be a surgeon, but it looked as if he was ready to change the bone structure of the Portuguese winger, who unfortunately did himself no favour by getting back up and retaliating back at Carra, before deciding to shed a couple bucket of tears for the Anfield groundsmen to wash away.

As a fellow footballer, it’s disconcerting to see tackles flying in like that, and despite his antics, I hope Nani recovers well.

Evidently, Carra didn’t deserve to stay on, but he did, and all his toned down tackles afterwards showed how bad he must have felt, because with 2 goals up, it was a needless challenge, high up on the pitch.

And then there was the Rafael issue, who decided to take matters into his own hand, after Maxi’s boot grazed his thigh, lounging two-footed at a tumbling Lucas.

It’s as if the already retired Gary Neville has instructed the young italian well on his duties for a Liverpool-Man U game.

It’s unfortunate that a few good goals were overshadowed by the ugly side, but let’s hope that these ‘professionals’ realise that it’s still just a game after all.

3-1 to Liverpool, after Kuyt bagged his first hattrick since 2005 and Giggs crossed for Chicarito to head home a consolatory goal.

That Suarez walked the pitch as if he’s Tevez possessed, that Carroll received his introduction, that the Anfield crowd sang to their hearts content, it seems that brighter days are destined for this once dominating, but still illustrious club.

Still fighting strong for the last stretch of games, as always and still a chance for that Champions League spot lingers on, but I have a feeling that it’s ours to win, than for the top 4 to lose.

It’s a Red thing, and I’m back people.

Apologies to any readers who’ve been disappointed by the lack of updates to this site. Now that Roy Hodgson and the owners the gloom doom has been evicted, my personal boycott has ended, and I’m back writing. Thank you Dalglish, for giving me back the inspiration. Heh, it’s a red thing.

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