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Everton 2 – Liverpool 0: A titanic Denial.

Tim Cahill summed ‘We showed what we are all about with our fight and our spirit’, and I just wished that I could say the same of Liverpool’s players. What made it worse is when the Manager, Mr Roy, thinks it’s his team’s best performance and then throws the bus at them. This Red Ship is sinking, and instead of getting the boats and lifejackets out asap, he’s playing musical choir and amuses himself. Becuase everyone else is just not amused.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt — will somebody please mention that to Roy, please?


Especially after an abject performance (personnel-ly and tactically yet again) and a titanic loss of two goals to nothing against Everton, sworn enemies by pious supporters who sit on either side of the fence.

Dear affable Roy, how can a loss to your derby rivals be branded as “best performance“?

Dear amusive Roy. how can a return of 6 points out of a possible 24 be quipped as “I don’t feel it to be a crisis” ?

Dear readers, it is just not right anymore, isn’t it — at least not for supporters of Liverpool FC and definitely not for the new American owners, who decided to sit in a week earlier than planned, only to witness a massacre and a crisis in the making.

That’s right, a crisis indeed, and I hope Roy is reading this (Hmmm, why I do get the feeling that even if he ever did, he’ll probably brush it off with ‘The team is performing really well and I won’t get too excited nor lose sleep over the situation. I’m disappointed, but we did well.’ ?)

Lightweightpool, I mean Liverpool were easily brushed aside for both of Everton’s well taken goals, but Roy had other muses “I refuse to accept that we were in any way outplayed or inferior.” and if this is not a clear sign of a man who’s both in denial and isolation, then what is?

It was disheartening to see Lucas and Meireles getting decked by a plundering Yakubu or a scintillating run by Cahill.

Gone are the days when going past a Liverpool player meant getting hacked down or getting stolen off the ball, where a certain Mascherano would harass you, or a certain Alonso/Hamman most definitely professionally-fouled you, or a certain Riise/Hyppia that was simply just impassable.

What is this Schadenfreude that Roy and Co are basking in, and are they undercover agents, Evertonians in disguise, because by the weight (or lack of it) of their performance, this IS how a relegation contender looks like.

Goals by Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta shed light on Liverpool’s misery and false dawn, after an exhausting (and still lingering) acrimonious takeover, but it’s good to note that both goals were conceded after a poor headed clearance.

Did you take note Roy, because I remember Rafa loved taking down notes — that’s what good students do right? Good or bad, who knows, but at the very least, we see action being taken, and they don’t wait until the 71st (Ngog for Lucas), 79th (Babel for Cole) and 84th (Jovanovic for Maxi) minutes to be taken.

If we can’t defend (13 goals conceded in 8 games!), then why aren’t we attacking with intent, and this much I’ll bargain with you, that offence is the best defence, that if you play to Torres and Gerrard’s strength, they’ll win you games.

Worry less about losing and care more about winning, that’s all I can ask for as a Liverpudlian.

Let me quickly share with you the theory of denial that consists of the stages:
1. Denial and Isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Depressedly, I have reached acceptance that this team is not as good as it should be, and that there are utmost priorities to be taken care of (like having an attacking manager for once, and there’s one who happens to actually idle within the Liverpool youth setup~).

Most people are unprepared for grief, since tragedy strikes without warning, but this is a case where the tip of the iceberg is glaringly staring you in the face, and yet little is done to change the course of this Red ship.

Oh Dear Roy, if perhaps you’re thinking that the ship won’t sink, then may I remind you that Denial is indeed not just a river in Egypt.

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