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Light At The End Of Livepool’s Tunnel. Liverpool 2 – Sunderland 2.

I’m not sure if I should feel relieved, or reprieved.

Last year at the stadium of light, a beachball knocked Red’s lights out, so I guess we’ll have to be thankful that Beachball Boy didn’t bring along his toys home this time around eh — Or should I? At least back then there was the beach ball to lay blame on, and I’m far more comfortable with that actually.

Earlier in the year, last season in the same fixture, Liverpool ran rampant at Anfield with a resounding 3-0 victory as they chased for the 4th spot, but what happened in this recent game huh? Especially when you mildly notice that the players fielded were largely similar.

Hmmm… Let’s compare:

MARCH 2010: Liverpool 3 – Sunderland 0
Johnson – Carragher – Agger – Insua
Maxi Rodriguez – Mascherano – Gerrard – Babel
Kuyt – Torres

SEPTEMBER 2010: Liverpool 2 – Sunderland 2
Johnson – Carragher – Skrtel – Konchesky
Kuyt – Poulsen – Gerrard – Cole
Meireles – Torres

Okay, on paper, the recent game’s line-up seemed much more stronger but seriously, how did 3-0 turned to 2-2 in less than a year? I know I’m merely correlating when I say that Liverpool’s performance is depreciating with every passing week. Well isn’t that the truth and isn’t that how it all really feels?

Correct me please but have Hoy been training the boys to return the ball to the opposition with a wayward pass at every single feeble attacking intent or what? Or has he instructed the flanks to never try cross from the flanks, and instead pass it backwards or try to work from the middle, which usually leads to another stray ball and another counter attack form the gleefully marauding Black Cats? Joe Cole and Meireles tried too hard, Torres claimed petulance and Carragher and Skrtel couldn’t find a better time to put their heads together to resolve Liverpool’s aeriel fragility at the back.

In a game that’s beginning to gain notoriety for freakish goals, perhaps the referee, Attwell, were a little bit generous in allowing the opening goal to stand, and the incident was, but one of the few contentious decisions made in the game. The Black Cats thoroughly deserved their equalizer and lead, both a testament to the quality that is the enigma, Darren Bent. Why did he have to turn it on during Liverpool’s game, just like what a certain Bulgarian did last weekend, huh?

May I point out that I’d prefer to see Agger, who has yet to start a league game ever since his concussion, over Skrtel, who actually did well to (almost Agger-like) dribble-cum-shot some time in the second half. I have a hunch that Carragher is much more comfortable with Agger beside him, but Hoy’s the boss and it’s his team, so when Bent steals in for the lead, we really can’t blame Carra+Skrtel who again displayed Liverpool’s deficiency in the air, at the back. We saw it against Birmingham, Man Utd and now, Sunderland.

I’ll keep this simple: Restore. Agger. Please.

For long periods of the game, it seemed as if Liverpool were the visiting team, as Sunderland pressed well and exhibited plenty of confidence whenever they surged forward, a sign of a team that’s been nurtured to play with extreme discipline and to attack fearlessly. Thanks to Steve Bruce’s combative tenure, a loyal disciple of the effervescent Sir Alex.

Thankfully, Gerrard adjusted himself extremely well to head home the equalizer, but still you could never be sure of what would happen next as Liverpool were made to chase the game right to the dying seconds of the game, and not surprising so. Steve Bruce’s men never stopped harrying and running, while Hodgson’s men continuously huffed and puffed at a brick wall.

Yet another scrappy Liverpool performance, yet another game where the ageing Captain is made to work extra hard, and yet another week that goes by where Reds fans everywhere just can’t seem to allay the stormy clouds in the horizon. It’s getting dark, the tunnel is constricting and the current mood isn’t any better than last weekend’s.

Nevertheless, Gerrard’s inspirational form has definitely been encouraging. Ah, there’s light at the end of the tunnel after all…

Wait a minute, or is that light really just the incoming RBS train?

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