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Benitez should stay on and finish what he has began, and this is a message to all you fairweather *sic* ‘fans’.

It fills me with great sadness and unwarranted anger that there are vocal fans out there who are calling for the immediate release of Benitez, among others, in search of the holy grail or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Guess what? They’re both stuffs of legends and by that I’m not referring to neither American owners, who’ve just appointed British Airways chief Martin Broughton as chairman on Friday, in a bid to sell the club away.

Perhaps they’re trying to escape the onslaught of abuse from the much fabled loyal and staunch Liverpool fans.

Fans? Don’t fans of a club support it through thick and thin, because at this moment these vocal fans who ask for the axe sound more like disgruntled shareholders, except they don’t own any shares, but act like they do, of which they expect the club to abide by.

No, these aren’t fans, these are fairweather fans at best, and they’re the ones who’ll boast and gloat around when the sunny, happier days are around, and then play the blame game and starts casting the black sheeps away whenever the going gets tough.

I have seen too many of them already and I have growned weary of their tirades such as ‘Benitez has spent too much on too many lousy players!’ and ‘Why aren’t we playing some players week in and week out?’

I quote a counter argument from a fan who replied to such tirades in one of the forum which I happened to browse.

“Since Benitez has arrived we have qualified for the champions league 5 times in a row, and prior to his appointment we had qualified 3 times since 1992. Benitez’s net spending has equalled, since his arrival, an average of 20m pounds per season, and an average of 0 since 2007/2008. Pretty good for a team who are “supposed” to be challenging for the title according to some supporters. He turned steven gerrard from a 5-10 goal player a season into a 20+ a season player. He signed torres, probably the best striker in the world at the moment on the form of the last 3 years.”

I unquote with, so dear fairweather fans, how do you argue against that much weight?

Benitez has to stay, as he is the one of the main reason that Torres’ full potential is nearly unleashed, that Gerrard decided to stay when Chelsea courted him, and that the mere mention of ‘Liverpool’ in Europe meant a team that’s never to be discounted, even when you’re 3 goals up.

At this very moment, it’s only half time. Benitez has already passed his 5 year mark and has 5 more to go. Liverpool have over the years proven how strong they are when they go into the second half and especially when their backs are against the wall.

We had injuries, player sales, and even beach balls to condemn our performances in the first half, but I approach the second half with much hope. Yes there is hope for salvation, there always is if you’re optimistic and work towards it.

To all the fairweather fans who call for Benitez’s removal, shame on you for the lack of respect towards a man who’s given his all when he’s not being given much.

From the clubhouse and training grounds to the players that march into the pitch, Benitez has slowly gained much control than ever before, but as it stands, his work of 5 years is in dire potential of falling apart — not because of his handywork, but rather the unknown threat of a new owner, whom he’s never had the opportunity to work with.

Hopefully it’s nothing near a threat, and that the new owners, if they come in, will embrace Benitez not just on magazine covers, but financially as well.

We wouldn’t want another Barry-Keane-Alonso saga do we?

If you’re a true Liverpool fan, you’ll do this much and no, I’m not asking you to spread this blog around, but rather, I’ll just implore you to start supporting staunchly.

Not blindly though, but with plenty of faith, because what we have leading us is a man who’s kept plenty of faith himself.

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